Founded in 2000, Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. was initially a high-tech development company engaged in embedded semiconductor application solutions. Over the years, it has been committed to research and innovative technologies in the field of battery management solutions and intelligent industrial control to provide technical services for our customers. After years of hard work, our company now has its own OEM factory. In addition to providing customers with electronic product OEM, material substitution and professional technical services for electronic products, we have also developed into a well-known IC hybrid (authorized and unauthorized) electronic component distributor in China.
As a professional mixed distributor, Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. is headquartered in the UK and has branches all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc. There are many service teams in Shenzhen alone. We have not only established a huge customer network in the mainland, but also won a good reputation at home and abroad.
Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. operates all kinds of active components (IC integrated circuits, memory chips, diodes, triodes, etc.), passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.) and electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices), etc. while carrying out the original authorized distribution business, it provides a comprehensive one-stop electronic component supply chain solution to reduce costs, It includes a series of solutions such as long-term orders from authorized distribution agents of the original factory, three-day delivery and supply scheme of scarce components, resale of surplus materials, inventory optimization, material clearance and supporting and small batch supply.
As one of the largest mixed distributors in China, Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. is committed to building a global leader in mixed distributors, continuously improving the manufacturer‘s supply chain management through a variety of characteristic solutions for the professional supply chain of all-round one-stop electronic components, and helping the manufacturer in R & D, procurement, production, logistics and warehouse, Reduce costs and shorten delivery time at all levels of capital.
The customer financing services provided by Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. effectively solve the problem of customer capital turnover and achieve the goal of customer zero inventory management.
New Oriental Electronics Co. Ltd. has a three-day delivery scheme of featured services and components in short supply, which can meet the production needs of more than 1000 manufacturers around the world 24 hours a day. At the same time, new projects are quickly completed in small quantities, allowing customers to speed up the research and development of new products and enhance market competitiveness. The establishment of excess inventory scheme successfully helps customers quickly return funds and realize the value-added of raw materials.
In order to meet the needs of customers in different regions around the world, Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. has a 24-hour procurement and sales team operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that our customers can get the most accurate information in time. Logistics centers are specially set up in the United States and Hong Kong. All goods are strictly inspected before shipment to ensure the original and new goods of the original factory. Door to door express mail service is adopted to ensure that emergency goods can be delivered to customers within 3 days to meet their urgent needs.
Zero defect quality assurance
Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. has passed ISO9001 certification.
Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. joined hands with China electronic components central laboratory to conduct product quality and reliability test to ensure that the components are 100% original and authentic.